Barefoot is better!

Hooves are the very foundation of the horse and yet the most overlooked / misunderstood part of their anatomy. Every horse owner or rider should know what a healthy sole, frog, bars and wall look like, to be able to make informed choices over hoof care.

One style of trim is NOT correct for every horse. The only universal trim a horse could receive is one they would naturally produce living in wild, constantly moving on different surfaces. It is the job of the farrier to read a horses movement and hoof to apply the correct trim.

Is there a solution?

Horse owners around the world are discovering ways to successfully go without horseshoes and have their horse perform much better than when shod. It is important to realize that it is not simply a matter of removing the shoes. I believe there are a number of elements that every horse lover, trainer or rider should be concerned with in order to improve the health, and happiness, of their horse:

  • Hoof care
  • Environment
  • Feed and diet
  • Training

While you will find many articles and reports linked via this website which support the natural approach to horse care, I know no amount of statistics can make someone believe – you have to try it for yourself! I encourage you to take a look at the case studies I have written, read about my philosophy on horse care. If you are interested in my farrier services, or want to discuss anything horse related, please feel free to contact me.