Barefoot eventer

Posted: December 19th, 2008, by Melanie Merrow


My horses are proof that Thoroughbreds can live naturally too! My farrier begun trimming my horse every 4-6 weeks and large cracks began to appear on the hooves after a short while.  I also found that suddenly she becoming very touchy about being ridden on gravel particularly after having had a trim.  It wasn’t more than 3 months when my farrier arrived with a set of shoes and suggested shoeing my horse. I was riding the hoof off of my horse?? None of this made sense to me – Why now? What was different that she now needed shoes? I dismissed the farrier immediately and decided to do some research. After learning about natural trims, diet and natural lifestyle I knew where my problems were coming from.  My mare now lives outside 24/7, she no longer wares a  blanket,  her diet even changed – the rich alfalfa hay and processed grain was substituted with grass hay, beet pulp and a free choice vitamin and mineral supplement. She was suddenly a much quieter and manageable horse to ride.  Her hooves are better barefoot now with a natural trim. I compete in 1.5 meter eventing and show jumping 4’6″  and we are always in the ribbons!  I have never had my horses slip or anyone ever comment that my horse needed studs-even it wet weather.  I hope other horse owners can see that barefoot horses can gallop on grass/jump/go on roads and gravel without shoes no problem and that it is healthier for the horse(and the pocket book).