Barefoot jumper under my care

Posted: November 2nd, 2008, by Melanie Merrow

Jay jeux

This is Jay Jeaux owned and ridden by Cynthia Larose-Goulet. This 12 year old jumper mare that came up very lame with shoes.  An X-ray result from the vet: distal sesamoid bone on the distal surface presence of significant invaginations/calcification minor of the suspensory navicular ligament/angulation of P3-slightly tipped(2-4%).  Result from improper shoeing, huge heels and lack of frog to ground support.  The mare was very lame on July 16th 2008, the vet removed the shoes to take x rays that day.  The owner was advised by the vet to get the hooves rebalanced so I was called in.

You can also see pictures and explanations of the trims for this horse.