Rescue barefoot horse competes in Eventing!

Posted: January 7th, 2008, by Melanie Merrow

I received the following story from Anne Perry Brown who received a lame horse and through natural rehabilitation made him sound to the point that the horse could successfully compete in eventing barefoot!

Cappolaire jumping a fence
Cappolaire“The horse’s name is Cappolaire. He raced, and was off the track for more than a year with a woman in Lexington, Ky, who did dressage with him. He eventually became lame in shoes, and she offered him to me. I got his shoes and pads off and began to rehab his feet with the natural barefoot method. Both my vet and the equine touch person I was using at the time rolled their eyes at how many issues he had. After a few months rehabbing his feet he went to a new home because he was still cribbing and destroying my fencing. He competed at Waredaca, MD, at training level and would have won by four points but for a refusal at a rollback, which he had jumped with no problem. He is an incredibly smart horse, and is working thru some body issues still (stiff neck, and holding patterns) but is happy and calm and loving his rider, who is a high school student. At a Mary Wanless clinic they participated in, she asked if I’d like to put him in shoes.

Cappolaire competes in dressageI asked if she found anything that was giving him trouble on cross country, or anywhere else, and she said no. I didn’t ask the question to think about shoes, for he will not be shod, but found it funny that she would ask when there was no problem. They will be competing at Waredaca this spring and I hope to go and tape it.”